Sandbar areas are the least facilitated areas in Bangladesh. People living in these areas have no access to electricity, hospital,transport,education as well as better work. Schools are far away from locality and with no transport facility. Children have to struggle to get education.For the girls the scenario is even worse. They don’t think of sending girls for schooling.Girls are treated as a burden ,raised and prepared  for marriage at a very early age. Parents lack awareness as well as have financial  transport,social security issues regarding sending girls to school.

Hawa Khatun, a girl from the sandbar area in Sirajganj , was very indifferent about studies in her primary school. She came across a social mobilizer from room to read in her secondary school. Here she got aware of education and the opportunity of her life as a girl.through the life skill classes with SM she got guidedace in her studies, how to solve problems in her life and family ,social harassment , awareness about own rights. Room to read provided help for educational material and boat for transportation and their guidance. Room to read built confidence in her to dream to become something in her life. Hawa khatun has completed her school and is attending college. She set an example for other girls in the sandbar area. She thinks that girls in the sandbar area have capacity and potentiality to do something in their life and establish their position in the society if provided by the support and facility like room to read.


To show the problem facing in the sandbar area . project workflow and operation process in  the sandbar area. Whether people are benefited or not, How they are benefited by. 

Idea: Idea was to show Room To Read Project activities and success in the Sandbar  area. 


We conducted several meetings with Room To Read .Got a clear understanding of the project. After that we talked to Hawa khatun and her family (a success story of this project). Developed a script and storyboard based on Hawa’s journey . Our team shot the documentary. Post production team gave life to the story with their excellent editing.

Result : UNDP distributed this documentary on their social media channels and projected it to their seminars. It reached the maximum number of  the Targeted Audience especially the donors,civil society and targeted beneficiary group.  This video projected the success of the project. Many girls got inspiration from Hawa Khatun after seeing documentary.