Babudyeing Shantipara is an isolated village along with 100 to150 family.Without  any road and any kind of healthcare facilities. Children suffer from many health issues but villagers are not able to reach health care centers. In an open discussion arranged by UNDP in EALG project an indigenous woman Radharani Tudu brought light to the problem and  proposed to built temporary vaccination camp. Now authority has established a temporary camp in a nearby school. Villagers are now able to vaccinate their children regularly. Radharani said that if this continues to provide vaccination children of this village will have healthier life . 


Objective: UNDP wanted to make a documentary on this story and spread this to the project stakeholder and targeted community.The project will focus on strengthening decentralization in the country, and builds on the work of Upazila Governance Project/ Union parishad Governance Programme.

Idea: Idea of this project was to Rural healthcare problems and EGLA activities to solve these problems.

Execution: We conducted several meetings with UNDP .got a clear understanding of the project. developed a script and story board.We talked to Radharani and wanted to tell this story from her perspective ,production team pulled off this project very well

Result : UNDP distributed this documentary on their social media channels and projected it to their seminars. It reached the maximum number of  the Targeted Audience especially the donors,civil society and targeted beneficiary group.