Branding and Strategy Development

Brand; the most valuable asset/Identity to have. Better branding means better marketing, better ROI. Branding brings recognition, valuation, better customer, employee, and customer pride, and builds trust. We provide the best branding strategy brand guideline, integrated campaigns appropriate for your business.

Audiovisual production

Videos are the most powerful tools for communicating, engaging, relating, and increasing credibility among your target audience. It gets easier for information to be passed to stakeholders with videos. People are more likely to spend time on visual content rather than texts. The numbers will definitely shock you, 3 times more than any other content. We create exciting and eye-catching stories as documentaries, TVC, OVC, motion graphics with utmost professional vibes.

Digital marketing

Are you running a business? Or planning for Startups? Whatever you are, you gotta hop on digital platforms now to thrive and sustain. Developing your branded content is a great way to start if you’re looking to build a strong brand value online. Nevertheless, digital marketing has the precise ability to boost your sales as well. In any case, you’ll go awed seeing the results. We provide customized strategy and implementation plans, produce interactive content, and distribute them with precise targeting on digital platforms.

Website development and design

We provide web-based, mobile-optimized sales increasing websites. Our expert team uses cutting edge technologies, combined with best practices in the industries to bring the best result. We create websites that attract attention, increase user engagement, and generate qualified leads. We know how to guarantee a solid ROI. We follow the process and customer-centric values that make it easy for us to make promises.

Media buying and PR

Looking for brand visibility online and offline? We provide trendy, customized, and effective media buying for your business to grow. We brainstorm on which channels the audience uses at what times, and what type of messages your audience will mostly interact with. After sorting enough information, the planning team will select which channel they want to purchase ad space on, and for what price.


Let’s say it easily! Khela Creation is a creative marketing agency with 360 marketing and content solutions. Our emphasis lies in going digital since our specialization is in following and adapting trends for best possible marketing results. However, we innovate and renovate your brand by strengthening or readjusting your brand position. Boosting sales and enhancing brand value- we know your urge and desire.

Above a ll, we make masterpiece videos. Our videos are cutting edge, aesthetic and precise to your requirement. Therefore, if you are looking to make exciting audiovisual contents to impress your audience, we can help. 

We understand your organization’s mood by thorough brainstorming. No matter what you are, a for-profit corporation or non-profit organization, we are equally equipped to bring you the best results.


We have done huge number of work. Local, Global as well as Government Project also. We are looking forward for more reach to provide our service.